The ABC’s of What A Temporary Hygienist Should Know About Being an Independent Contractor

There’s lots of information to look at if you’re a temporary dental hygienist curious about becoming an independent contractor. Making sure you understand the distinction between an employee and Independent contractor is important for your future.

A recent study from Intuit, a California financial accounting and consulting firm, makes a good case. They see a flexible workforce that includes temporary dental hygienist and dental assistant positions growing to 40% of the US workforce next year.

If you are planning on working as an independent contractor, you will need to become familiar with everything that entails. We’ve put together a primer that can help you with the rules you will need to familiarize yourself with.

Remember, there are more pieces to the puzzle than just being responsible for your own withholdings and tax payments. Keeping the following points in mind will help you avoid any unnecessary complications at tax time.

Some Boxes to Check for The Temporary Hygienists and Dental Assistant

Keeping your independent contractor status can be like walking a fine line that is constantly shifting. It’s important to make sure this designation steers clear of the employee classification.

To that end, the CRA has put together a four-point test you can use as a series of boxes to check off. 

Why Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistant should consider becoming Independent Contractors 

Previously we gave you a brief overview on how to become an independent contractor, it makes sense that you’ll want to understand the benefits. Here’s some of the advantages dental hygienists get when they decide to become their own bosses.


Working for yourself opens up a new swath of tax deductions. For example, traveling expenses to and from the place you are working get subtracted from your taxable income. The gas you put into and the maintenance on your vehicle are included here too.

There are other expenses in this category like:

  • Membership Dues. As an independent contractor, it makes sense to network and join associations that can help you further your career. Any membership dues you incur are tax-deductible.
  • Legal and Accounting Fees.  Independent contractors usually run businesses classified as sole proprietorships. That means you need to have a team of professionals working with you. The services of a lawyer and CPA or qualified bookkeeper fall into this category. Include any consulting fees. Don’t forget to add the cost of preparing and filing your taxes in here.
  • Office Rental Supplies and Equipment. The CRA reports you can deduct smaller items like pens and paper. Bigger items like office furniture and equipment come under capital expenditures. These are still tax deductible but they are classified differently.

Other Benefits

There are other benefits to working as an independent contractor. Dental hygienists who work for themselves find these additional advantages attractive too.

  • Choose the Hours You Work. Flexibility is a cornerstone for a good work life balance in today’s economy. Being an independent contractor allows you to divide your professional and personal life as you see fit.
  • Work for Several Clients. This style of work allows you to work for several different dental offices. You have control over when you work and with whom.
  • Recover HST/GST. You can recover a portion of the money paid in taxes here by registering to collect GST/HST. That’s something that’s impossible when you are an employee.

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